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Our team of experienced professionals understand the claim industry inside and out. We know the tactics brokers use to maximise their profits at your expense, and we’re here to put an end to it.

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Worried about upfront costs? Don’t be. Our “No Win, No Fee” policy means you only pay us if we successfully recover funds for you.

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We are committed to helping you maximise your energy cost savings. Whether you suspect hidden commissions or simply want to optimise your energy contract, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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What are the methods used by energy brokers for mis-selling?

Has your energy broker informed you about the total amount they earned by arranging your business contract? Based on our experience, the majority do not, and there is usually a valid motive behind it. Brokers are aware that if they had to fully disclose, their commissions would not come close to the amounts they make through lack of transparency. After all, would you agree to a deal if you were aware that a substantial portion of your bill would be directed to your broker?

They might have even informed you that their service was complimentary, or that the broker received their commission from the supplier as an ‘introducer’s fee’ or similar terms. In reality, the majority of brokers receive their commission directly from the supplier they connect you with, and it is incorporated into the unit price they negotiate on your behalf. Frequently, this crucial detail is not disclosed to the customer.


Have you fallen victim to mis-selling?

Countless businesses across the UK rely on energy brokers to procure their business energy requirements, serving as intermediaries connecting you with the suppliers.

If you’ve utilized an energy broker, there is a possibility that undisclosed commission may have been included in your energy contracts without adequate explanation.

While energy brokers are required by law to reveal any earned commissions, numerous instances have arisen where they have made deceptive statements or concealed their financial motivations over time.

Out of the businesses we’ve engaged with, more than 90% have employed an energy broker, and our average claim is £25,000. Certain businesses are eligible for energy compensation amounting to millions of pounds.


‘Rogue’ energy brokers spark £2.5 billion
worth of compensation claims


Legal action launched against ‘rip-off’ secret
commissions on UK firms’ energy bills

Smart Save Energy Claims employs a group of energy and legal professionals dedicated to assisting businesses in recovering concealed commissions and losses resulting from the mis-selling of energy contracts.

With over 2,000 brokers offering energy solutions to businesses, the energy market is intricate. Amidst this market, we have encountered numerous instances of concealed fees and various types of mis-selling


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Frequently Asked Questions

A TPI is the acronym for ‘Third Party Intermediary’ – also known as energy brokers or energy consultants.

Simply provide us with some details of the contracts that the broker(s) put in place for you, sign a letter of authority allowing us to engage with the broker(s) and supplier(s) and we will do the rest. We will write to the broker & suppliers to ascertain the value of your claim, and let you decide if you wish to launch a claim.In the event a claim is started, you will be required to co-operate with the solicitor at all times so that we can achieve a successful outcome. We will try to keep your involvement to as little as possible, and will use our expertise to gather all evidence with little to no interruption to yourself, although sometimes we will require your help.

This really depends on a number of factors and it is difficult to say exactly how long your claim will take. We have had claims settle within two weeks and others may take a number of months.

In some ways it is similar to PPI for the consumer market. This is for the non-domestic energy market and relates to gas and electricity bills only.

We will complete the initial enquiries into your claim on a no obligation basis and at no cost to you. Once we have established whether you have a claim, to proceed you will need to sign an agreement setting out our Terms & Conditions, this will set out clearly our fees upon achieving a successful outcome.

We take the case on in anticipation of a successful outcome, some people call these types of agreements “no-win, no-fee agreements”.

In the event your claim is successful we will deduct our fee (set out clearly and explained to you in full when you begin your claim) from the compensation awarded.

Many clients have a good relationship with their energy broker and this is understandable as you put your trust in them to get you a good deal for your energy. Often where this trust has been built up it results in the larger claims because brokers can take advantage of the trust you place in them.

Typically speaking not really, but some things that may happen are that the broker may take their commissions out of the deal leaving you with a lower rate, or they may offer to cancel the contract, we will always ask your permission to have any such changes applied.

No, we are not an energy broker, we do not sell energy contracts.

There are no figures on the scale of mis-selling in the industry, and certainly there are brokers who correctly review the market and describe the options accurately whilst demonstrating transparency over their fees with their clients. However, if your broker did not disclose to you how much they earned at the very least, they have not demonstrated transparency and you could have a claim.

There are many ethical and transparent brokers in the market and not all are mis-selling or hiding their fees. However, our experience is that the vast majority of cases involve at least one area of mis-selling.

Some brokers really do add value added services for your benefit, that’s good. However, if you don’t know with certainty how much you are being charged, you can’t make an informed decision about the additional services you may be receiving.

Unfortunately, the supplier will probably not disclose this as the supplier and broker have an arrangement whereby the supplier must leave it to the broker to answer questions about commissions, we think this is wrong. It is also true that some suppliers rely heavily on the introductions they get from some brokers.

There is a small chance you may have to. Only a small number of cases proceed all the way to court but if this happens, your solicitor will be there every step of the way to guide you.

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